We are located in Pedroso, Porto. Our address is: Largo do Mosteiro, s/n, 4415-271, Pedroso, Porto. Head to our Contact Us page to get directions.

We take every type of dog apart from breeds who are prone to aggression, which are subject to evaluation as it’s extremely important for us to make sure all our guests get along well and are safe at The Castle.

Dogs are our main guests but we also have The Castle Horse Hotel!

Our transport service starts picking up dogs at 7:15am and finishes around 9am. We will pick up your dog depending on your home address, needs and our route that day. In the afternoon the transport service leaves at 5:30pm.

We require an up to date vaccination and deworming protocol. Please check our Admission Requirements page for detailed information.

It is mandatory to inform us before check-in if your dog has any specific issues (physical or behavioural) or is taking any medication.

Personal belongings: We have a lot of blankets, beds and leashes so we encourage you not to leave anything with your dog as we don’t take responsibility for any damages or losses.

Mon-Fri: 9am to 6:30pm

Sat-Sun & Bank Holidays: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Most dogs spend the whole day outside, from early morning (7:30/8am) to late afternoon (6/7/8pm). For puppies, older dogs and dogs with special needs, we give them nap breaks so they can rest in their rooms.

If your dog isn’t very sociable we will first do our best to try and fit him in with the rest of the group (we usually succeed!), otherwise he will spend less time outside but we’ll take him out on walks through the property several times.

In case of injury or another emergency, we will always call the owner asap and then depending on the issue we will take the dog to the vet or call an in-house vet.

We do take visits at The Castle but only with a booking. We do not allow walk-in visitors. If you would like to visit please reach out to us to arrange this.

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